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For more than a decade now, the six churches of the Southern Alameda deanery of the diocese of California have sponsored a June build and I expect we will build next June again!

At the closing ceremony of the build where we hear more about the family and hand over the keys to their new home, we always bless them and their home as we always ...

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If building a house in one day with Corazon is new to you, I think the season of Lent is a perfect time to try your hand at a Corazon build. Alms and service are a foundation of the Lenten journey and sharing just one day to transform the life of an individual or the lives of a family is truly a Lenten experience.

This website details the ...

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The pivotal and most profound moment on any build is handing the keys to the owner of the brand new house we just built together! When we sponsor a build, I ask one of our first-time builders to present the keys at the closing ceremony! Folks are very moved by the experience!

Can you imagine of getting keys that open and lock the deadbolt ...

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